UK based value-added resellers ROC Golf Ltd has been working in partnership with Continuum Directors on the development and sourcing of a diverse portfolio of products since 2003.

The team behind ROC Golf initially engaged Continuum when they were focused on products for the golf industry. Over the past decade, as ROC Golf entered new sectors, the business relationship between the two companies developed and expanded.

ROC Golf Director Robert Cooke said: “We see Continuum as our overseas sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and delivery department and an integral part of our business.”

Most recently, Continuum has supported ROC Golf from concept stages to prototyping, through to manufacturing, assembly, packaging and delivery of an advanced cable cutting product.

The cable cutter which uses a ceramic blade requires highly specialised manufacturing capabilities to deliver each product to the very highest quality and safety standards. Continuum were able to call on their network of contacts to ensure the right manufacturing partner was found who could produce the ceramic blade and a second manufacturer capable of assembling the sharpened ceramic blade and packaging to exacting specifications.

Director of ROC Golf Robert Cooke said: ‘We have many positive stories about Continuum over the years. We have an enthusiastic team who can source products and the right manufacturers, speak the language, inspect the product processes at the factory and run strict quality control. Importantly for us, this is all done by way of a local telephone call and we get an immediate response. Working with Continuum is like having direct access to the far east on your doorstep.’

“Working with Continuum is like having direct access to the far east on your doorstep.”

Robert Cooke, Director of ROC Golf Ltd, Continuum Global Sourcing