Specialist Logistics Operators

Continuum’s specialist logistics team keep your products flowing whether its a pallet or a planeload.

Our expert staff, all fluent in English, can work seamlessly with your internal logistics division or we can project manage every step of delivery via ocean, air, rail or road.

The team ensure even the most complicated customs and import/export regulations are managed so that your products arrive on time and in good condition.

In addition to our own network of resources, Continuum has been partnered with Braid – Hiilebrand  for more than 15 years. This market-leading logistics organisation deliver complete global packages for our clients, including innovative freight solutions and niche market logistics worldwide.

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  • Roc Golf ltd

ROC Golf Ltd

UK based value-added resellers ROC Golf Ltd has been working in partnership with Continuum Directors on the development and sourcing of a diverse portfolio [...]



In the first few months of the coronavirus crisis in early 2020 Continuum, along with the majority of UK/China businesses, responded to the “call [...]

  • Continuum Whisky Box

Exporting to China

Since its formation in 2008, a long-held Continuum ambition has been to address, in a  small way, the imbalance in the UK-Sino trading relationship [...]


Building specialists Duncryne, based in Scotland, is the sole supplier of EconicBoard to the UK’s construction and engineering sectors.  The [...]

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